5 Big Reasons Why Northern Arizona is Great for Ranching and Farming

If you're looking into buying a parcel of land to have your own ranch or farm, northern Arizona is an excellent option. Northern Arizona is a beautiful region home to abundant species of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Nature lovers who want to escape the daily grind and build their dream homes in the countryside are flocking to this area because of its gorgeous landscapes and agreeable climate. Here are 5 big reasons why you too should call Northern Arizona home for your ranch or farm.

1. Mild Climate

When most people think of Arizona, desert comes to mind. Although much of Arizona is indeed arid, the northern third of Arizona is a plateau at a significantly higher altitude than the lower desert. As such, summers are cooler and winters are colder. However, the temperature is never extreme and the area boasts a consistently mild, pleasant climate year-round. You can escape the heat of southern Arizona by relaxing in the cool mountain climate of northern Arizona.

2. Affordable

Northern Arizona boasts affordable properties. You can find high quality land at reasonable rates, making it an ideal location to purchase a parcel of land for your ranch or farm. The acreage you can find in Northern Arizona is perfect for a ranch or for building your dream home.

3. Spacious

As the population in Arizona grows, an increasing number of residents in urban areas are looking to untouched mountain areas like northern Arizona to build their homes. Northern Arizona is largely undeveloped and thus makes an excellent location for ranching and farming. At your ranch or farm in northern Arizona, you will be far removed from the stresses of life in the city.

4. Well Preserved

Northern Arizona boasts a vast amount of undeveloped landscape that remains unspoiled by urbanization. The area is well preserved, making it ideal for agriculture and ranching. There are several wilderness areas that were created in order to protect local wildlife. Boasting amazing natural attractions including the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, northern Arizona is a lovely place to call home.

5. Few Natural Predators

One of the biggest worries of ranchers and farmers are natural predators that pose a threat to one's stock or crops. In northern Arizona, you don't need to be concerned about natural predators putting your livestock or crops in danger because few exist in the region. As such, the area is ideal for farming and ranching.


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